“As a mother with a background in the energy industry, I scoured online and retail stores to find safe, naturally-derived, sustainable products. Needless to say, the lack of information left me frustrated. Now, I make it my mission to provide eco-friendly products and information to people everywhere.”

-Kim Wallace, Founder

With sixteen years of experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry, Kim has one goal: to bring simplicity to a very complex industry.

Kim has developed vast market knowledge from years of running successful public relations, marketing and outreach campaigns for some of the largest energy efficiency companies and utilities across the country. Early on in her career, she was happy to realize that people genuinely want to do good. They want to conserve in their own environments, but simply don’t know how. Kim realized that the complex verbiage associated with the energy and technology industries was making it hard for people to connect and to become educated. It was this thought process that resulted in the creation of a quirky, cheeky cartoon character, Killawatt Kimmie, who provides education about energy in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

With the rise in popularity of Killawatt Kimmie, Kim was able to launch other sustainable brands: Peace, Love & Sparkle and I’m an Earth Angel.

Today, Kim still maintains her roots of disseminating complex information and placing it into easily digestible formats, which is often through the PowerTeach platform. This serves as an online resource for parents, educators and students alike, and contains helpful information and infographs on practical methods of conservation based on different environments.

No matter the company, the aim of Kimberley Wallace Sustainable Brands is simple: to put power into the hands of the consumers so they can make decisions that are right for them.